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Rīga, Latvija

In a biggish nutshell: our creative solutions
facilitate business growth of our clients. Dull, isn’t it?

We are Zak and Toni, a friendly duo of creative directors. Having worked (and lived) in Moscow, the capital of Zak's home country, for more than five years, we decided to move to Riga, which happens to be the capital of Toni's home country, and to open a creative agency of our own with the crisis in full swing.
We have directed the creative teams of several design studios, worked for Art.Lebedev Group, BBDO, Gray, Leo Burnett and TBWA, and received awards for our work (such as FWA Site of the Day, Best Realty Web Award and the Maitre of Print).
We look for new ideas and find ways of applying them to create brands, develop corporate styles, websites, logos and massive advertising campaigns.
Take some time to browse through our portfolio, invite us for a cup of coffee, and we shall willingly tell you more about our work, answer any questions you might ask and discuss interesting projects with you.
Since 2004 we have executed more than 200 projects for more than 90 clients 5 banks, 5 food companies, 4 automobile manufacturers, 3 healthcare networks, 3 managing companies, 2 large logistics companies, 2 mobile network operators, 2 large retail networks, two international real estate agencies and many more.